Login Assistance

Krogers’ Eschedule program is accessible daily on the organization’s official GreatPeople.me portal. Registered employees can also demand time off if they want to take a break from work. They can also request time off if they have something personal, possibly at the official employee portal.

All Kroger representatives can make the W4 switch through the employee login portal GreatPeople.me, and employees can observe and record their Kroger payroll online.

If needed, employees can modify their personal and professional data in the login portal. Representatives can even change their details like address if they move or leave their old location whose address was registered beforehand at GreatPeople.me.

If employees are facing any trouble accessing the GreatPeople.me Kroger portal, the Kroger officials recommend that they check out the points stated below. These points can assist registered employees in easily accessing the Kroger employee portal.

  • Details About Associated Business User ID (“EUID”).
  • Corporate User ID is fundamental for logging into the GreatPeople.me portal that employees must note. To request a “EUID”, employees will require to contact their human resource department or specify occupational safety data.
  • Additionally, the business user ID, along with the registered password is case sensitive. Accordingly, employees have the details as per the instructions to entering uppercase or lowercase letters.
  • EUID allows you to register with different trading systems for constant trading systems.
  • Kroger’s categorical Secure web Passport program will help all the registered delegates manage their “EUID” password.

If employees utilize EUID in distinctive corporate systems, it will work at the workplace and with approved remote access to GreatPeople.me. However, it also doesn’t operate on a private computer.

Employees can also utilize the categorical password to change it or create a separate password for the GreatPeople.me Kroger portal.

Once the employee enters the Business User ID, they will be required to answer a series of questionnaires to verify their identity.